100 tips for architecture students

“During my education I discovered that there was a lack of information available for architecture students especially in terms of achieving the results they wanted at university. Therefore, I created an ebook entitled 100 Tips for architecture students. ”
The layout is simple, and the tips are honest and clear. Every student knows the importance of time. The book is designed so it could be read in a matter of minutes not a matter of days. It touches on the tips, lessons and routines that helped me achieve in my degree. The book is not a step by step tutorial, it reads more like a to-do list for architecture students.
MacFarlane gained a distinction in his Part 2 along with a RIBA Student Silver Medals Nomination. With experience in teaching architecture along with working at renowned practices such as Foster+Partners and David Collins Studio he aims to share his knowledge through 100 simple tips on achieving the best grades in architecture.

You can purchase the eBook here: 100-Architecture-Tips-Free-Edition(1)