BLOG – Delirious Venice

New York has lived to see its own bible, a story discovering the heart of this city, captivating its architecture and adding a consistent narration, creating the legend of a metropolis, the place where skyscrapers are born. Following the traits of Rem Koolhaas and his “Delirious New York”, it is our goal to do the same at the Venice Architecture Biennale.


Logo Delirious Venice designed by the artist Robert Kuta

The floating city, where the carnival meets the sacrum, art meets pop culture, historical pieces of architecture meet mass tourism – these alone make one delirious dream. The peak of this delirium is the Biennale of Architecture, during which the story of the city is overwritten once every two years by a polyphonic story of the exhibitions taking place at this international event. What is Venice at that time? Is it a floating city, or an archipelago of hundreds of different visions and stories of what architecture is, was or could be?

We want to create a story about the Biennale, written parallel to the events which will be taking place for half a year as part of this vast enterprise. We want to overwrite a tale, in which Rem Koolhaas would tell the main story, this time as the curator of the Biennale and the author of this year’s leitmotif for the entire exhibition. With the “Delirious Venice” blog, we will be giving a live account of the Biennale, and we will also be telling our own story of this event and the host city. Each major architecture event, such as the Venice Biennale, is a cosmos of events, exhibitions, lectures, accompanying events – more or less important, outstanding, as well as disappointing, interesting, and boring. It is sometimes hard to find your place in this conglomerate of trivial and important events. Sometimes you need someone who will direct you to go somewhere or stay away from an event. Moreover, there are plenty ephemeral events taking place as part of exhibitions and then fading away. They call for documenting, broadcasting through the media.

Our “Delirious Venice” blog is to serve as a signpost, a record, a diary or journal from the Biennale – personal, subjective, critical and interactive. For the duration of the Biennale, we will become the residents of Venice, tourists and sensitive observers, architecture critics, reviewers, as well as correspondents, and harsh commentators.