What about Poland? Our second seminar at the City Culture Institute in Gdańsk

What does Polish contemporary architecture look like? How is it perceived abroad? What about Poland? What about its architecture?


The starting point for this seminar was one of the latest issues of “Mark Magazine”, which presented an extensive overview of Polish architecture. It is quite rare for an international, renowned magazine to focus on architecture from our part of the continent. Were we able to “sell” our architecture there? ARCHITECTURE SNOB dares to claim that an uneven and distorted image of Polish architecture is drawn there. On the one hand, we have some good projects, on the other hand, however, we have a ranking headed by architects having their strong years well in the past. What does Polish contemporary architecture look like, then? Who is setting new directions today? The Snobs will present a private overview – heads will roll – particularly the heads of the “sacred cows” of Polish architecture.

City Culture Institute

9.05, Thursday, at 7.00 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

address: Długi Targ 39/40

free entrance