We will not fight for any cause

Or try to convince anyone

We will not laud

Or complain

We will be critical

We will create




And entertain

Let’s please ourselves!

Let’s make this paradise!

Let’s make architecture the means for a better life, not a goal in itself

Let’s encourage architects to have the guts!

Let’s give every city a heart!

If we have to burn down museums, let’s burn down the ill-designed ones, the pseudo-icons, architects’ phalluses

Let’s not believe in honeyed words

Honeyed words are just poetry

But poetry does not have causative power

Everything was already written and done in the past, nobody believes in anything today

Never mind that!

Let our disbelief in modernity inspire us to keep looking

Even if we discover America – yet again! – we’ll pop out to Vegas and learn some more

Let’s forget about Le Corbusier, about Mies, let’s forget about pilgrimages to Bauhaus or Brasilia

Let’s take a look at what children draw

Hear a cat purr

Draw without a computer

Talk without the keypad

Let’s touch reality instead of another screen

Let’s live our lives our way, even if it’s within the four walls somebody else built

Let’s distance ourselves from reality, not from one another

Let’s have fun every day without waiting for the weekend, the holidays, or retirement to come

Time does not divide into play, work, leisure

There is one time and one space

Let’s not waste it

Let’s be architecture snobs!