Why architecture snobs?

We are architecture snobs. You will see us admiring well-designed spaces, chatting with acclaimed, ambitious architects and designers, popping champagne at the openings of ingenious exhibitions devoted to art and architecture. You will see us walking the streets of somewhat ugly, somewhat beautiful, but always interesting cities, gazing at buildings, closing our eyes, touching them and listening to the sounds of their walls, marveling at their heartbeats. We are proud of being architecture snobs, of being seen in the company of buildings from magazine covers, and buildings no one has heard of yet. Yes, we are architecture snobs and we want others to envy us that!

The architecture snob is a virus we want to infect all those around us with, especially those who have had nothing to do with architecture so far. When a virus is in the spread, there is no stopping it. We believe that, in a short while, the architecture snob virus will transgress the boundaries of state, architecture as discipline, and the boundaries of our minds. Let this rapidly spreading virus build the foundations for a better life, a life of increased consciousness of what surrounds us, a life open to what is new, a life of reverie in that we could all build us a paradise here, or at least “all inclusive” cities, where architecture has a healthy DNA, where architects are brought from their pompous ivory towers down to earth, where designers have their feet firmly on the ground, while looking boldly into infinity.

We are the architecture snobs. We are good with it, and so will you. Join us. But be warned – this is a one-way ticket.

Marcin Szczelina – architecture critic and curator; the curator of inter alia Isla Polonia – Grupo Aranea; Industrial Art – OFF Festival, Archicooking; co-curator of the 2009 EVENTO Biennale in Bordeaux; the author of numerous projects devoted to architecture, such as “Ex-Architects”, “Pills”, “Polish Karaoke”, a part of the “Over and over again 1989-2009” exhibition; assistant to director Aaron Betsky at the XI Venice Architecture Biennale; the author of various texts discussing contemporary literature and art. Between 2008 and 2009, Marcin Szczelina worked as an editor at “Zawód: Architekt”; he is currently working as a correspondent for the “Domus” magazine and a columnist for the “Sukces” monthly. He was published in: the “Aesthetica” magazine, “Architektura & Biznes”, “Czas Kultury”, and “Tatlin”.