Where architecture ends…Snobs conduct a seminar during Gdynia Design Days!

Where architecture ends…


…life?…nature?…starts. Or perhaps widely understood design? In times when technological solutions allow us to build nearly anything we want, when, thanks to advanced technologies, we are able to experience virtual projects as if they were actually built – are there any limits to architecture? If there were any, there would have to be some sort of meeting point. Meeting point with…and this is the starting point for infinite interpretations. The search for this meeting point is one of the ways to limit the borders of architecture. In turn, searching for the borders of architecture is a method of embracing architecture, defining it, attempting at naming what contemporary architectural practice is. Architecture critics associated with the ARCHITECTURE SNOB platform set out on a journey in search of the meeting point of architecture with other areas of life, in an attempt at defining the borders of architecture. In their work, they continuously transgress the borders of what is assumed as critic’s work, expanding the current field of architectural discourse.