Meet the experts Design Silesia: Design in the public

Public space, also called commonly-shared space is the “face” of the city. It consists of squares, streets, parks, pedestrian walkways, as well as markets, parking lots, playgrounds and public communication stops. We should remember that the quality of public space has great impact on the quality of life in the city. Well-designed public space may facilitate the integration of city residents, encourage the development of tourism, determine the identity of the city, welcome new investors to locate their business in the city. How do we design public space well? The question will be answered by Tomasz Małkowski and Marcin Szczelina from the Architecture Snob.

Nowy obraz

During the seminar, our experts will present and discuss significant projects in the domain of public space, such as the reconstruction of Berlin after 1989, including the development of the Potsdam Sqaure, as well as new projects for the development of public space in former industrial areas, such as the Hafen City built in the former Hamburg dock precinct, or the IBA Emscher Park project entailing the revitalization of post-industrial areas in the Ruhr region. Architecture Snob experts will also present public spaces built from scratch, such as IJburg – new district in Amsterdam created within the last decade on the area of artificial isles. They will take a close look at the most interesting interventions in public space, such as the High Line, a linear, one-mile long park created on an unused railway overpass in Lower Manhattan, or the exciting Metropol Parasol installation in Seville. There will also be examples from Poland: positive ones – such as the reconstruction of the Royal Trail in Warsaw, or the Młyńska Isle in Bydgoszcz – as well as negative ones – such as empty granite squares in places full of vital energy, or excessive commercialization of public space. The experts will present the latest trends in square and street furnishing – municipal furniture and artistic installations.

A seminar conducted by the Architecture Snobs is a summary of knowledge of the latest trends in public space design. Attendees will get to know some good practices in creating functional and vibrant squares, parks, or walkways.

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