Exhibition ‘Made in… national architecture?’ in Szczecin

WESTIVAL Art of Architecture is a festival dedicated to the architecture which takes place every year in Szczecin. The last edition was curated by Architecture Snob (Tomasz Malkowski & Marcin Szczelina). They have created the main idea of ​​the festival ‘Made in… national architecture?’ and prepared the main exhibition in Trafostacja Sztuki.

The main exhibition of WESTIVAL will ask a question, whether there is still any place left for national architectures in our globalized world? We will try to research whether there actually is a phenomenon which could be named Polish architecture. If there is, we will try to determine whether it has its unique style, own, individual voice? The very location of the festival in the city of Szczecin adds an additional dimension to its meaning on the account of the city’s location and history, as well as the process of nationality sweeps which took place several times.

Read more about the main idea of ​​the Westival – HERE




The artists and architects taking part in the exhibition are: Robert Konieczny KWK Promes, Grupa Archipelag, Czesław Bielecki, Tomasz Głowacki, Przemek Olczyk – mobius architekci, JEMS Architekci, Interurban, Konior Studio, Sztuczne Fiołki, L.U.C., Filip Springer, Joanna Nowicka, Mathilde Papapietro, Aleksandra Went i Alicja Karska, Joanna Rajkowska, Ingarden & Ewý, WWAA, Jurgen Mayer H., Christian Kerez, Helmut Jahn, Zaha Hadid

curators: Architecture Snob – Tomasz Malkowski & Marcin Szczelina

exhibition design and layout: Zalewski Architecture Group

assistant exhibition curators: Paulina Kałużna, Łukasz Jarząbek

when: from October 25th to November 17th

where: Trafostacja Art Center, st. Św. Ducha 4