In Love with Szczecin

Our Szczecin seminar is over. We haven’t had so much fun delivering a lecture in a long time. We’re not really sure if it was the audience which responded to our arguments so spontaneously, or if it was the reception we got from the Szczecin division of SARP. Either way – after having returned to Warsaw, we know that we are totally in love with Szczecin.

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We were warmly welcomed at the railway station by SARP delegates who approached us …with honors. We have been touring Poland, conducting seminars, but we have never been welcomed in such a warm way. After that, we went for a short tour around the city. Particular thanks should be directed at the Chairman of the division – Marek Orłowski and Tomasz Sołdek who took us on a cruise on the Odra river and showed us the city from the point of view of the river. We saw it with our own eyes – no, the city does not have direct access to the sea, but what it has access to are the Dąbie Lake and beautiful landscapes, on which urban development meets wild nature, all of this with the famous port cranes in the background.  The cruise was merely the beginning of our tour around the city. We had an opportunity to visit (from head to toe) the Transformer Station in Św. Ducha street – the first contemporary art gallery in this part of Poland – just several weeks before its official opening. The destination of the early-20th-century Transformer Station was changed into exhibition space. We went for a tour around the building, guided by the chief designer of the modernization project – Jacek Lenart from the A4 Studio. Fingers crossed for this new venue!

After so many attractions, no wonder we were eager to conduct the seminar, which took place at the Faculty of Architecture of the West Pomeranian University of Technology. Despite its unfavorable location outside city limits, our lecture room was fully packed, not only with students. We haven’t had so much fun during our lecture in a long time. We hope (and, judging by the smiling faces we saw in the room – we are pretty sure of it) that everyone had so much fun too.

After the exhibition, we talked with architects associated in SARP for several hours on at the Forma Architects’ Gallery, which is situated in the basement of the Faculty of Architecture.

We were so impressed and charmed with Szczecin that we promised to come by more often. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to do that, but…this is a different story.